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Thanks for the reply! I have the cruise booked with the name she is going to take. I'm going to do a little mroe research and see whats all involved with the name change. I may just talk to our cruise planner and get her name changed back to her current legal name. Would probably be less stress if it's legal to do that way.

I used to work at the powerplant right next to the port and have stayed at the Embassy Suites for a month at time. I enjoy their cocktails in the evenings and their hot breakfast so I figured this would be a great way to start the honeymoon. The flight we booked to Ft Lauderdale is also a dirrect flght (less chance of lost baggage) so that will also cut down on some stress. I've actually had airlines lose my baggage twice flying to Ft Lauderdale so thats why I get so stressed out about it. The second time it happened it took them 2.5 days to get my bags to me.

Again I appreciate the feedback and any tips or advice given.
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