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currently, I have deposits down for two cruises with Celebrity-X Millennium ship from Nov 22nd in Sydney and will end in Hong Kong Dec 23rd. I can cancel these two cruises and go with these cruises. Albeit, I had the pleasure of sailing to SA continent with RCL Radiance ship, but very curious to see how X stack up with the Radiance ship/class.

For the first segment, I am open to Inside or Balcony, but 2nd segment is kinda pricey and so I am only interested in Inside only. I do have a certificate with X (purchased on previous cruise for $100) in which both parties do not have to put any deposit down. Additionally, I am entitled to $300 OBC from this certificate. I'd like to know if you expect me to share this OBC with you? :-D

I am serious about cancelling previous cruises and go with these two itineraries. Let me know the possibility of us finalizing these sailings. Also, kindly let me know how we should approach this since I am new to the Internet realm of sharing cruise cabin. I've heard of creepy stories, but open and curious to give this a shot.
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