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Originally Posted by Cat77 View Post
Hi everyone,

I have Celiac and am on a strict Gluten Free diet. I will be going on the Royal Caribbean, Freedom of the Seas and have been reading some blogs on the internet and it sounds like there won't be many choices for me to eat for lunch at the buffet. I'm worried that I will be only eating salad or white rice for lunch all week.

Has anyone gone on this cruise ship? What options were there at the buffet? Also at the BBQ in Labadee? Any tips on what to bring in terms of snacks? Can I bring food from the breakfast buffet on the port for my lunch. I'm not sure if they will be taken away or allowed off the ship.

Any tips would be great and helpful. I'm getting a little anxious about the food situation.

I did my first "gluten free" cruise last month on Carnival. It wasn't that hard to stay gluten free. Yes: There will be a number of things you won't be able to enjoy but you already know that. I was also diagnosed with Celiac's disease and unlike those that are gluten free by choice those with Celiac's can have a bad reaction if they eat gluten.

The tricky things are sauces and meats. Many sauces are made with flour and not easily spotted. The thing I was impressed with was that the staff at the buffet always answered my question if something was gluten free. If they didn't know they ALWAYS ASKED. There were plenty of choices that were gluten free. Meats, potatoes, rice dishes, salads and ice creams.

In the MDR I spoke with the maitre'd and told him I was gluten free and every night I had a menu that showed the gluten free offerings.

This is Carnival and not Royal Caribbean so things may be a bit different but cruise lines do a pretty good job of accommodating special diets.

My best advice is for you or your agent to contact the "Special Needs" department and inform them you will have a special diet. I also suggest seeing the maitre'd as soon as you board and inform him/her that you have a gluten free diet.

You can take whatever you like, within reason, from the ship to Labadee. I think you will find a number of gluten free items at the buffet.

I know you'll have a wonderful cruise even with the gluten restrictions. I know I did.

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