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First, You were the one that stated the food was comparable to a Olive Garden or a T.G.I.F....for me that horrible food for a cruise line in the MDR.

You brought out my point exactly...Lower grade of food and service and will stay that way until people are willing to pay a higher cruise fare, and in return get a higher quality food and better service.

Kuki your point of not being able to serve 1000 people a high quality food and service means you are accepting a lower standard. I do in fact think they can do better if we paid the price. Which brings us right back to the point of people not willing to pay a higher fare for better food and service.

Imagine peope will pay a cruise for two, sometimes adding airfare, hotels, hundreds in tips, tax, port charges, excursions, trinkets from the Islands, photos from the ship, liquor, soda, and many other items which adds thousands to a trip, but for heaven sake, DO NOT ASK ME TO PAY A HIGHER CRUISE FARE FOR GOOD QUALITY FOOD AND SERVICE...its laughable..
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