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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
I'm not a claustrophobic person but I almost lost it at the Great Pyramid. You go up a very narrow tunnel to the Great Burial Chamber. There are other people coming down and it got pretty tight. I ended up about five minutes behind my wife because I had to stop and "compose" myself. The great chamber isn't that great but it's neat to say I've been there.

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I see that you didn't let claustrophobia mess up your tour of the Pyramid. I have seen that tunnel and I personaly feel that it takes some a pretty stable person to handle it.

I read this information on the internet that might help other cruisemates when they get into a situation where they have anxiety and panic of claustrophobia.

1. Count numbers down from 100. Do this very quickly, and repeat over and over. Say the numbers softly out loud if possible.
2. Disempower the attack and laugh about it. Tell yourself: "This can't hurt me, never has. This is meaningless."
3. Keep moving constantly. Step up and down, rub your hands together, rub or lightly slap your face repeatedly.
4. Shake your arms and legs, and clench your fists. Do the same thing with your feet. Roll your shoulders over and back again repeatedly.
5. Talk to someone nearby, whether it's someone you know or not. Even just saying hello can be enough of a distraction.
6. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose. Count to 4, then breathe out slowly through your mouth.
7. Relax your shoulders and focus intently on a single, static object. Fascinate yourself with that object.
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