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Hi Tison. Good luck and best wishes on your upcoming nuptials and honeymoon plans.

I have been married for over 31 years and I still travel and have my driver's license in my maiden name, so perhaps that might be the way to go until you come back home and get settled in. Just a thought...

My husband and I had the good fortune to take a cruise on board the Ruby in March of this year (only our second Princess cruise, the first one on the Crown only one month prior)and enjoyed almost every minute of it. On the Crown, we saw a much older demographic (this was the noro cruise with over 350 people sick on board) and a little more than one month later on the Ruby (to celebrate my birthday in March), it was more of a mixed age group. One reason could have been that it was spring break. There were grandparents, their children, and their grandchildren on board the Ruby, whereas on the Crown, mostly grandparents/their children with hardly any children on board.

We "hung" out in Club Fusion most nights after dinner where the crowd was middle aged, as opposed to Skywalkers, the DJ where they were somewhat younger (think 20's). There was one band on board, Party Band Accent, who performed everything: Motown, Michael Jackson, the 50's 60's,70's,80's on different evenings, in different lounges. Crooners Lounge was mixed, mostly middle aged and older adults listening to Bert ("With an E") Stratten, the piano man, who was awesome. Don't worry--there will be plenty of entertainment no matter where you decide to hang out.

I don't know about the pub drink package, but I did get the coffee club and the unlimited drink package. The unlimited drink package ($8.50/day which included the gratuity fee) on our 7 day cruise) entitles you to unlimited fountain soft drinks, juice (not fresh), mocktails, hot chocolate and milkshakes/floats. I made good use out of this, drinking my Diet Coke during the day and after dinner, and having a milkshake a couple of times as a dessert. The coffee card is $29 & 15% gratuity and entitles you to 15 cappuchinos, espressos, lattes or mochas. If you do not drink coffee, you may enjoy their specialty teas. There is also another package of 6 cans of soda ($11.75). You can check it out onboard. There was also an unlimited soda package @$5.18 per day which included gratuity wherein you buy a tumbler and take it to any bar for a refill of fountain soda.

I would also encourage you to try both specialty restaurants on board as both are super. If you go to Sabatini's, say hi to Marian and if you go to Crown Grill, give Ali Baba a holler. They are professional, personable, and aim to please.

Hope this helps you and congratulations! May you and your fiancee enjoy many years of happy cruising!

We bought the couples package for the thermal suite (we paid $199 for it and I understand price just went up) which did not include the pool, but did include the saunas and aromatherapy. I liked HAL's thermal suite much better because it overlooks the ocean and has windows. Princess t.s. is located inside and was somewhat dark.

The Sanctuary was $10/pp, half day session (which we did not utilize). It did look very tranquil and nice, though, with massages (you pay extra for this) under tents located within, get nice pillows and towels on the chaise loungers, and also are brought mini-treats (fresh fruit) upon request by the staff.
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