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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Nope.. you are missing the point.... which is money doesn't make all things possible. Having been in the restaurant business for over 30 yrs. it is not possible to serve dinner for 1000 people at a time (plus that would be for two seating) with the same quality results as a restaurant preparing the food a la minute (when ordered).

The other thing of course, is if a person is willing to pay more, that option is available with more upscale lines, such as Azamara or Oceania. And even further by stepping up to pay for the luxury lines.

There are choices. People are chosing to pay for what they get. They certainly do have the choice of paying more to get more. There are options.

What your asking for is like going into a restaurant on land, and telling them they should improve their cuisine to whatever standards you may envision, and then you'll pay more. It is then irrelevant what the other customers might find acceptable for the restaurants current prices.
Im not asking for anything that has'nt been done in the past...PLEASE, I have been on many cruises in the past with close to a 1000 in the MDR...maybe 700 or 800. And the food was excellent and the service exceptional. So its not like it has'nt been done before. Its the cruise line cutting the budget for food and service and possibly the amount of staff in the galley.

As the cruise bible states (The Berlitz guide to cruising) "the food has been a lower standard from years ago aboard the Celebrity fleet". So yes it is possible to serve good high quality food in the MDR, its the cruise line's fault for not delivering that product. Blame also lies on the people who refuse to pay a slightly higher cruise fare which I explained in a earlier post.
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