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Each cruise line gets a certain budget for different areas of the ship such as entertainment, food, service and many other things...its up to the cruise line to decide how much goes towards each area.

Years back and not decades, I am talking maybe 4 or 5 years...Celebrity was know for excellent food, the buget they spent on food was much more then say a NCL, Carnival or Royal Carribean. Carnival spent lots of their budget on entertainment and less on the food. At this time some of the worst food on a cruise ship can be found on Royal Carribean...Though I have ever sailed Royal Carribean, I am told by many friends that the food was very dissapointing. All the cruise guides also rate the food on Royal Carribean with low mark.. see the CONNECTION.
Royal Carribeal bought Celebrity cruise line...even though they are both seperate cruise lines, I truly believe that the decline on the quality of food and service has to do with Royal carribean leaving their mark on Celebrity. I say Raise the fare and give us quality food and service like it use to be.
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