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Well buttons, if in the future you do not want to pay extra for a specialty, perhaps you should book Regent or Crystal, especially since you said it is not about cost of cruise but the idea you have to pay for extras.

Also, no I do not find Olive Garden or even Bob Evans uneatable. I think they are okay for budget mid price restaurants. Since you find them uneatable-then maybe you should not eat at them.

I am willing to pay more when I can afford more. When I can't, I do as I did originally for this upcoming cruise, book an ocean view room, or as I have done in the past when we travel holiday weeks and cruise prices are hiked up, I cruise NCL. That's my choice.

If I choose to pay extra for the specialty- (since I cannot spend $5000 a person for Regent of Crystal) because I would like a nicer meal a couple of times during the cruise, I am glad I have that choice, as THAT works better with MY budget.

You know, there are many choices, and surely there is a choice for everyone, including which line you cruise, or where you choose to eat on a cruise. Just because a choice does not interest you does not mean it does not interest others.

I really find it a bit selfish when people think only what they want counts. Obviously most do not feel the way you do about specialty restaurants; otherwise the cruise lines would have lost money and discontinued them.
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