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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
I'd rather have a bacon butty. A standard English breakfast treat. Basically bacon and egg on toast.

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I seem to remember that this occured on the Celibrity Solstice. They offered an English breakfast section in the breakfast buffet line. A young lady approached the attentdent and asked for bacon and eggs. He said, "mam, this is the English breakast section, and he directed her to another part of the buffet. Immediately afterwards a cruisemate came up and asked with a British or Australian accent for beans on toast. The attendent delivered the dish with a smile. She probably should have asked for a bacon butty and gotten a better response.

I was wondering if there would be a positive response to the baked bean sandwhich which is a long-standing Saturday night meal in Massachusettes. It is made up of two slices butttered brown bread topped with Boston baked beans that must be made with molasses and brown sugar. This sandwhich would probably find favor with a lot of British travelers and Bostonians. What do you think?
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