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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I grew up in Boston, I never heard of, of, eaten a baked bean sandwich..but I do call soda, tonic.
Have you ever tried a Fuffenutter? Saw this article about it. BOSTON ó Itís creamy, itís sweet and itís become a staple of lunch boxes for generations of New England school children.

Now, the beloved Fluffernutter sandwich ó the irresistible combination of Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter, preferably on white bread with a glass of milk handy ó finds itself at the center of a sticky political debate.

Sen. Jarrett Barrios was outraged that his son Nathaniel, a third-grader, was given a Fluffernutter sandwich at the King Open School in Cambridge. He said he plans to file legislation that would ban schools from offering the local delicacy more than once a week as the main meal of the day.
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