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Question Seal?

As the line from West Side Story says, "That's a touchin' good story!"

The contributions of Hayim Solomon to the American Revolution are well documented. I hardly thinks it justifies the title of one article I found while researching this, "How Jews Saved the American Revolution." But there is no question that he was a dedicated patriot, as were many other men of many religions. It also appears that he was a devout Jew and practiced his religion.

What I am not finding in reputable historical accounts is any documentation that he mixed the two. It appears he went to synagogue and worshiped regularly, and it appears that he took an active part in the Revolution, not because he was Jewish but because he was a patriot.

And sadly, that very nice story about the Great Seal of the US warrants, at best, a note that "some historians think ..." without any citations. The most general comment in reliable articles about the story is that "there is no documentary evidence." I think Solomon's Star of David on the Great Seal deserves its place in popular stories along with Betsy Ross' flag, equally undocumented.

Don't mean to derogate anyone and certainly not any religion. But I like to see facts labeled as facts and stories labeled as nice stories.

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