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Default Contributions to the Revolution

Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post

There are nice stories and then there are NICE stories. Actually, history points to not only Hayman Solomon's contribution to our revolution to be not in the least unequivocal and wuld leave one at the very least, to have the stars placed, in his honor, as the Star of David is not only appropriate, but profides multidudinous reasons for such an award.

As a matter of fact, more than several Jewish men were instrumental in our Revolution, far more than is generally recognized and that Mike, is fact.
Indeed, Todd, the first thing my post said was that his contributions to the Revolution are well documented. I am not trying to be controversial here, just enter into an informed discussion on a subject which is of considerable interest to me, the symbolism in the Great Seal ( which therefore becomes the symbolism of the modern dollar bill).

Considering the amount of anti-Semitism still sadly present in the world, overemphasizing the fact that some of the founders of the nation were Jewish might backfire. As a Freemason I am well aware that the conspiracy theorists make much of the fact that some of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons and that certain elements of the great seal, such as the All Seeing Eye, are also used by Masons. They might also be prepared to seize on the presence of a Star of David in the Great Seal as evidence to foster their hate campaign. For instance, check out this distortion of history: Codex Magica - 13

Despite the nice story of Hayim Solomon being honored, and despite the hate story about Hayim Solomon and Rothschild and bribery, it happens that there were 13 colonies that joined together. This has led to much nonsense regarding the number 13 and its use in the flag and the seal. There are 13 stars because there happened to be 13 colonies. One way to arrange 13 points is in a double hexagon (6x2=12) with a single point in the center to make 13. If you look at the seal closely it essentially looks like a circle with 6 projections. Connecting certain of the stars will indeed yield the geometric figure of two triangles which since the Middle Ages has been known as the Seal of Solomon or the Star of David. To do so, you have to use 12 stars and ignore the 13th. If one colony had not been included the representation would have been better.

We have many cherished stories which historians cannot document. George Washington was certainly a major participant in the Revolution. He probably never did cut down that cherry tree. Hayim Solomon was certainly a major participant in the Revolution. That a Star of David was placed in the Seal to honor him is a good story but unlikely. If the Seal committee chose to honor everyone who contributed to the Revolution the Seal would be so crowded with special additions we probably couldn't make them out.

Here is an article you might find of great interest which is full of conjecture about the Jewish, Masonic and Kaballistic symbols in the Great Seal without descending in to hate: No mention of Hayim Solomon, however.

Respect is certainly due to all the Christians, Deists, Jews, blacks and many other participants in the Revolution. I would not derogate any group for taking pride in their contributions. But overall it was not any group except patriots that achieved freedom for this country.

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