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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
I roll my eyes each time I hear the story of: "On our last cruise a man put all his clothes out but forgot to leave something for the morning. He left the ship in his robe and slippers.".

I'm sure it has happened a few times but for some reason it's always "On our last cruise."

It was cute the first cruise but it got old really fast.

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The "classic" version of this story is that the last night of the cruise was the passenger "costume ball" with the prize for the best costume.

Of course the winner of the "best costume" is the same guy who put his bags out before he remembered to leave out clothes for the next day. In different versions he was dressed up in one of the kid's programs "big bird" costumes, or in drag (dress & high heels).

On one cruise line I recall there was a guy famous for playing a trick in the dining room where he pretends he ordered a pizza - and somebody comes with a pizza box to his table.

I guess he used to brong the box with him onboard to use as a prop. Gee, what a life living with a guy like that. As said above - some things are funny once, but not repreatedly.

I really dislike the "do the stairs go up?" one. That just doesn't strike me a funny "stupid" question. I suppose they mean to ask - "do they go all the way up" but whatever...

I have never actually heard anyone ever ask that question. I did start to ask an officer is the stairs went up to certain deck but he started laughing before I could finish. I wanted to deck him.
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