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Originally Posted by OldFartCruiser View Post
Buttons16, you asked for fellow cruisers thoughts back in Feb. It is now April and with >90 posts the overwhelming opinion of fellow cruisers is they do not agree with your thinking. Posters on this website are not one time or infrequent cruisers, they are experienced seasoned cruisers.

You noted a while back you are willing to pay a few hundred $$ more for a higher level of food & service. One poster noted that is all you will pay by frequenting the specialty restaurants for all your meals on Celebrity ships. I assure you Celebrity specialty restaurants are a higher level than the MDRs were back in the days it was acceptable to your standard.

IMHO, you should not cruise on mass market or luxury lines. We may someday run into each other and your exhausting argumentive nature will put a damper on my good time.

O F C'er
This is the place to have different points of view and to talk about different area's of interest. I understand this is your way of saying enough on this subject...However considering this is a forum, I fought for this country in a war,nor I have not broken any rules I feel in can continue on this subject.

My solution Sir is if you dont want to partake in this conversation then just not respond to click on this link. Please explain why a person who doesnt want to talk about this thread nor are they interested in it..why then would they click on this link...Also If you were to run into me and didnt want to have a conversation then I suggest you just walk away...But then again I know the time and place when to bring up a point, and of course on a cruise is not the time nor your point is invalid.
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