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If you are prone to sea sickness those VH cabins would probably be the worst cabins to be in as you will get a lot of motion up there if the seas are rough and going to Alaska that time of year, it can be rough We went about the same time 4 years ago on the Veendam and there were a couple of rough days, in fact we couldn't get into Skagway because of the rough seas. Who knows, this year may be different.

Also those cabins have "shower only", partial ocean view and to me the verandah's look very small. However the best place to be when in Alaska is up in the Crow's Nest or out on deck, especially if you are in Glacier Bay. Don't forget to layer your clothes, and take a hat (toque) and mitts/gloves. It can be quite chilly.

You are talking about the VH's on the Upper Prom deck, aren't you?

The SY suites are lovely, and if you enjoyed it, I think you'll be disappointed in the VH - there's no comparison as to size.

To see the size of the room, click on the cabin # and a video will appear.

Personally, I"d try and upgrade to something in the middle.

I just looked at the prices and you sure did get a good deal. Stay where you are and if it's rough, take Bonine/Meclizine.

Good luck and have a great cruise.
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