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Originally Posted by big apple View Post
We started cruising in the late 50,s from Miami and have seen the total transition thru the years.Can vividly remember when several courses were prepared at your table every night on Sitmar and also on Holland and on this line we dressed in a suit or formal every night and most formal with the strings playing above the dining room and the basic price of the cruise was the same as today.It is my opinion that the food and service in the specialty restaurants is very close to my comments however you are paying a premium for this however there is no way in order to turn a profit unless you add more passengers thus no way to offer the table service of olden days.The bottom line is that for better food and service you will have to step up to a cadilac over a chevy. For me I would rather have more cruises than only one on the expensive ships Do think it is important to compare apples to apples and there are some who stand above the others in this regard and we have been on all lines to include those based in Europe many years ago.Celebrity will be right up at the top With Holland a close second food and remember we are talking food only and not the many other aspects of a cruise.
Agree with your comments, I have said for awhile that eating in the Specialties is like eating in the MDR on Celebrity in the early 90s.

Its funny talking about this because I have my own problem to deal with at home. Wife believes that we paid for our food in our fare and that eating in specialties is a waste of money. I like to do it at least once a cruise especially for a special occasion.

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