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Question Mecca or mecca?

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
No offense Henry, I do it myself.

It just seems funny to use the term "mecca" because Mecca is actually another city.

It is like saying "New York is the Paris of the Universe"
This is one of those words that has entered the language. The American Heritage Dictionary says:

mec·ca (mĕkə) n.
1.a. A place that is regarded as the center of an activity or interest.
b. A goal to which adherents of a religious faith or practice fervently aspire.
2. A place visited by many people:a mecca for tourists.

Mec·ca (mĕkə)
A city of western Saudi Arabia near the coast of the Red Sea. The birthplace of Muhammad, it is the holiest city of Islam and a pilgrimage site for devout Muslims.

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