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Exclamation Twilight?

Originally Posted by Jason Leppert View Post
'Twilight of the Pharaohs': A 'Must See' Exhibit in Paris
by Barbara Ferguson and Tim Kennedy

Egyptology and antiquity fans won't want to miss this displayed collection of precious treasures in Paris.
It certainly looks like a beautiful exhibit. I would love to see it.

But what a strange name. A "Twilight" lasting 1000 years? America should be so lucky as to end that way. In fact this length of time covers several of the normal periods of Egyptian history which are very different. It has about half of the New Kingdom, the Third Intermediate Period, the Late Kingdom, and the Ptolemaic Dynasties in it. It is very strange that a scholar would choose to chop up the traditional divisions in this way and lump them all under a sort of made up title.

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