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Thanks everyone for reading. No photos up yet, but I can definitely put some up.

DAY 2; (Fun day at sea)
This day started with a kinda annoyed wife. I was sleeping soundly and was awakened with "get up it is almost noon, we slept through half the day." by my wife. I said there was no way we just slept 14hrs. She showed me the time on her iPhone, and it did say it was almost noon. I turned on the TV and flipped to the ship GPS station and we learned something very valuable: SHIP TIME. It seems iPhones and those types switched to GMT. It was in fact almost 8am ship time which was in this case EST. This was followed up with, "oh go back to sleep then, sorry." from my wife. This is important for 2 reasons; 1st, with the blackout curtains fully closed, even on a balcony cabin it is dark. 2nd, bring a watch that does not automatically update time zones.

Ship time became important because all the activities and schedules stay on this time including docking and departing times. We went through 3 different time zones on this cruise. This also made us relook at our cruise excursions. Following some advise here on Cruisemates, we did not book through Carnival. Those excursions stated all times were local times. Know that we would have timed them a little different. We timed them to give us about 2 hours to spare on getting back to the ship. In one case that meant we have about 15min to get back the ship. Carnival excursions follow ship time. so morning calls to guest services on port days asking for local time became the norm on port days. Funny 1st time cruise moment of the day was done, but we stayed up and got ready for the day and went to breakfast.

To deck 7 and the buffet. It was a good spread to say the least. Your classic choices mixed in with some I am not familiar with what that is choices. They switched the tea and lemonade dispensers with a choice of juices. We ate outside, because the restaurant inside had a nice AC going and my wife is very cold natured. It takes a little looking but never really had a problem finding a table for us. The day was beautiful and warming up.

By 10am we went to stake out to lounge chairs and well claim them early if that is your thing. All the "choice" chairs were long gone and we ended up a deck higher near the sports deck. Carnival has nice beach towels which were in the room waiting, and you can take off the ship, but in info packs warned not to lose them or $22 each, along with the robes at $55 each. Off to laying out we went. About an hour goes by and an announcement of bingo in the theater happens. I figured never played bingo before why not so I go.

Bingo in the theater, this was a special game it seems, a $1000 ship sopping spree ending at midnight. It cost $25, which gave me 1 sheet with 3 cards, and 1 Carnival version of a scratch off lotto ticket. I did not win on either heh. I don't think I would play $25 bingo again, there were $5 dollar games later in the week, but no more bingo. Right after bingo in the theater was a ship information meeting. I stayed and for an hour learned a few things like ship time, and a pitch for how to do a few things through different depts on the ship. Kinda felt like an info commercial, but for the record I do have a sad long history with As seen on TV. After that there was a how to shop at port seminar, I left. but our tablemates went and bought a $30 coupon book and made the most of it. Lots of free stuff if shopping is your thing, they found a great value in it, maybe give that a shot the next time. I may have bought it, if I didn't just pay for bongo heh.

Lunch at the buffet again, good choices again basically a repeat of breakfast. Then a bad moment / funny after the fact cruise moment. After laying out for another hour a plan of quick cool down dip in the general pool, listen to the band, and then go explore. We left our towels and flip flops at our chairs. The deck was standard beach sand warm, the outside stairs going down were 200 degrees. By step 3 of 8 my wife had literally jumped on my back and I painfully hotfooted down the stair in cartoonish fashion up to and including dunking our feet in the pool. All that was missing was the steam rising. I had charred feet that took 3 days of scrubbing to remove. Keep the flip flops on at all times when walking heh.

After we got back and cleaned up we hit the casino and lost about $20 in quarters on the slots, we marked off the we gambled box. It was fun though, we wandered and found the alternative dinning like the burrito bar, deli bar, saw people eating pizza and at this point had not found that. We wandered the shops. We napped and off to dinner. We saw a show in the theater that night and made plans to do that.

Dinner was great and our wait staff got to know us better. We noticed the overall pace of dinner went a lot smoother this time around. Also, there was stronger winds tonight and for the 1st time we "felt" the ship. It affected my wife a bit but she did well, her 1st time sea sick. she can take roller coasters without problem all day, never car sick and so on. This got her a little. Off to the show which was listed as PG, singing and dancing variety. the theater was packed. The show opened with girls in a little less than bikinis, thongs, heels, a few feathers. This didn't really change throughout the show and there definitely a sexual theme going on, and by the 3rd dance we noticed many of the families with children had departed. We enjoyed the show for the most part. Wife was still feeling the ship. Show ended and some Dramamine gave us the end of our day. Next stop was Cozumel.

Thoughts of Day 2;
Much slower and relaxed, the crowds dispersed compared to day 1. Lido deck was still the place to be though. Sea sickness took us off guard. For a new cruiser I had not found much of the "included with fare" activities yet, everything seemed to be added costs and they were really featured and pushed. Time also seemed to fly. A good relaxing day and a good get your bearing time.
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