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We just got through watching Priscilla Presley christen the remade American Queen steamboat. She is still very beatuful and quite imposing. Yes, she even seemed a little nervous even with our little group of cruise reporters, which was flattering.

I was more nervous when at the press cobference I congratulated her and the new Great American Steamboat company for a nice job on the boat, and for doing uch a great in oromting the city of Memphis, which I had never seen before - as a fan (myself) of Americn music an my appreciation for the role Memphis and the Mississippi have played in the making of American music throughout our history.

She was very composed as she broke the bottle of champagne, and very vigorous - the champagne bottle exploded and soaked her and her entourage. Pretty funny, but she kept her cool. I am loading some pictures to the photo gallery now - bit the connection is very slow (sorry).

We went to Graeland this morning - what a surpise that is, so much more to see than you woud ever dream. Of course, as you are there you realize the reason there is so uch is that Elvis was "cut down" in his prime, and they never sold anything. They have eberything he had at his prime at Graceland for you to see from his house to his 2 private jets, his go carts, about a dozens cars (Rolls Royce, Stutz, thurnderbird, Cadiallac, etc.

Here is a pic of her going to christen the ship:

Here is another

and here is the gaallery so far...

Cruise Ship Pictures - CruiseMates Cruise Photos Gallery

I will write much more soon, when my connection is better.
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