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Unhappy Two weeks later, still miss it

Well, I feel like a freak posting online about how much I miss my cruise but I honestly don't know how else to deal with it. I met SO many amazing people and discovered so much about myself by going on this cruise. It was like an out-of-body experience (or along those lines) and I can't stop texting all my friends I made on the ship and video chatting with them and talking about the cruise. It's been officially two weeks since I got on the ship and one week since I came back. F MY LIFE!!! Life is so dumb in the town i live in. the worst part is my three guy friends that i made live so close to each other and hang out now. and i cant go. and my mom is not even sure she's gonna let me go to a concert with them like i want to. like honestly it was the best experience of my life. i fell in love with this boy and it felt like such a complicated love story becuase there was another guy i was originally interested in on the boat and same with him with another girl and we spent the entire cruise wanting to make a move on each other but being unsure of it. now i just miss my cruise and there is no cure to this. nothing feels all. my life is so pointless now that i have nothing to look forward to and remembering only hurts. i can book another cruise, sure: but it would be with different people and my parents dont even want to. ugh why cant cruises last two weeks then i would just be getting off now. UGH.
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