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We were just on Connie for 2 weeks, and there are a couple of improvements we would like to see.

Either enforce the dress code or scrap it. This has been beaten to death, so I am not going to elaborate, but jeans and t-shirts and even shorts were in evidence in the MDR on non-formal nights. We did Select dining and were at the MDR at 5:30 PM or so.

Adults only means adults only. I do not care if you think your child or grandchild is well behaved or not, the T-pool and Aqua Spa area is for people over 18 (16?). Period. I have reported and will continue to report violations of this to the staff.

Pool deck music needs to be provided longer on sea days, and the choice of music needs to be rethought. This cruise started and ended with 2 sea days on either end. It wasn't until the last sea day that we heard any calypso or what loosely may be termed "cruise music." Why not at the beginning of the cruise as well, so as to set the mood. It's the Caribbean for crying out loud.

Food is not the main focus when we cruise, but we did notice what we considered to be an improvement in the MDR menu over this same cruise from last year. Desserts were much improved. While certainly not up to par with the specialty restuarants, it was still good.

Despite all of the above, we booked a couple more while on board. The OBC's were good, and the fact that the deposit was so low (and fully refundable within the established timelines), made it very attractive to do so.

Still the best cruise line out there for the money in our opinion...

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