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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
So rare it happened on all 3 formal nights with at least 10 different couples that I saw?

I was chatting to two of the couples(age late 60s) in Michael's club ; they said they had only packed shorts and capris and had absolutley NO intention of dressing up and NO intention of NOT eating in the MDR.

They were on a Caribbean cruise and would dress according to temperature.

As I said an interesting cruise

Still rare on a Celebrity cruise, the usual reports from people are men not wearing jackets or ties, etc, rarely do people complain about people wearing shorts.I don't know where I saw it but someone reported back that they had an interesting solution to the problem. At the end of the cruise, they did the tipping on their own and did not give a tip to the Maitre'd and actually explained to them that they were not getting a tip because they refused to enforce the dress code. I am not supporting this, just reporting what someone said.

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