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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
HERE, HERE,....that is what you say when you agree 100%...horrible parents raising horrible brat kids is a dangerous combination for all.
I dont know how many times I have to say this, but the passengers dont make the rules, the line does....

So venting against what children or others do when onboard, has to be directed toward the ship or line. Its their sign "Adult Only" thats up there and if they dont stand by it then dont blame the half wit parents that take advantage to allow their kids to run wild wherever.

I would love one day to hear the ships announcement that said, to cabin number xxxx we have found your child that escaped your supervision and control and if you do not get them under your control,,,,you will all be leaving at the next port,,,and tell us all. Problem is they (the lines) aint got the balls to call it no matter what they see you or I as "others" living with whilst onboard their ship.

So dont blame children for being children because as any parent knows they will stretch the elastic to to see where it snaps. Problem is some parents today dont see the stretch or hear when it pings or its getting really tight and there is stress around, as they are too busy re stretching their own "kid" elastic now that they have the excuse to be FREE on a ship and can get back to being a non commital, no responsibility person,,,,as this is a special vacation.

Maybe so, but can I remind you, you also dragged some children onboard, that responsibility has not gone

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