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Originally Posted by DavidB View Post
I dont know how many times I have to say this, but the passengers dont make the rules, the line does....

So venting against what children or others do when onboard, has to be directed toward the ship or line. Its their sign "Adult Only" thats up there and if they dont stand by it then dont blame the half wit parents that take advantage to allow their kids to run wild wherever.

I would would love to hear the ships announcement that said, to cabin number xxxx we have found your child that escaped your supervision and control and if you do not get them under control,,,,you will be leaving at the next port,,,and tell all. Problem is they aint got the balls to call it no matter what they see you or I living with whilst onboard
This is a gripe forum...And I believe that even though the cruise line makes the rules...selfish non-responsible parents are to blame just as much as the cruise line is. The staff of the ship probaly does'nt care less what rules are broken for the most part..or are limited in being able to enforce the rules..mix that with parent who don't have a clue in parenting makes a dangerous combination.
I'm almost certain that most staff members when confronted with a problem of someone breaking the rules will do nothing...This problem is a complete reflection on the half-wit parents who are busy drinking their 24 oz drink with the funny umbrella in it while they try to burn themselfs beyond reconition in the sun...And the last thing they want to do is have to supervise their brat kid running around the ship.
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