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Default Dress code

Originally Posted by anniegb View Post

On your last cruise what was the dress code adherence on formal night?

I have never seen so many jeans in the MDR The expressions on some of the faces was priceless - I swear I even saw many in shorts and 'muscle' t-shirts around the ship on formal night- so different from my last Celebrity cruise.

The food and service had deteriorated as well - but I made a few comments - someone left me an attention to detail card to complete - mistake - but kudos - huge improvement very quickly - at least they listened and reacted very quickly.

There were 2 mandatory formal nights and one optional formal night . On the first formal night I wore a black tuxedo suit .A high percentage of men wore sports jackets and some with jeans .

The second formal night ,a higher percetage of sport jackets .On the optional night I chose to dress as I did the first 2 nights but I would say 70% of the men were dressed casually .
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