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There have been MANY accounts like this on the boards in the last few years.

Todd: If a Verizon rep told you that you had a "St. Thomas" package they had no idea what they were talking about and you may be able to get a refund, especially if you remember the name of the rep. St. Thomas hasn't been part of their U.S. plan for about three or four years. It is .95/minute and more for data.

I have the Verizon International plan and a "Worldphone" that has CDMA/PCS, GSM and works just about anywhere in the world. The key is that you are going to pay A LOT for data and around .95/minute for International calls. Some countries, like Poland or Egypt, can be as high as $3.95/minute.

The key for everyone is to TURN THE PHONE OFF when not using it and to turn DATA off on your Smartphone. Use your laptop or Wi-fi 802.11bgn device to read email or surf the web.

I also encourage everyone to get familiar with your phone and its settings so you can turn it on without worrying about getting a $400 bill. Also be VERY familiar with the plan you have and what it covers and the costs associated with travel. DON'T RELY ON WHAT YOUR FRIEND SAYS. There are a myriad of plans for individuals, corporate customers and pay as you go. If you visit the Verizon website the costs associated with your plan are fairly well documented. Also make sure you have set up an online account with your service provider so you see information that is for your account and not a bunch of general information.

When I travel outside the U.S. I use my phone only for voice and I have had bills well over $200 but those were all legitimate calls that I made. On our last Caribbean cruise my bill was about $40 higher because I used it to call home a couple of times and also to contact other people in our group when we got seperated.

Know before you go!!!!

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