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Originally Posted by prescott View Post
Booked an Aqua guarantee cabin some months ago on Eclipse sailing 15th September.there is a price drop for that cabin on Celebrity's web site,we spoke to our T.A in the UK and was told that the price was non negotiable.

She did not understand that phrase and kept saying she was just repeating what Celebrity's agent told her. We are deducing that this means for new bookings only,no where on Celebrity's site did it say this.

We are Elite members and have never heard this "expression",can any body threw any light on this.

Many Thanks
It looks like you are from the UK. The rules and laws for cruise lines are different for UK than the US. What can be done by US residents can't be done UK residents and pricing that is available to one country isn't available to another. You really need to talk to a "good" local agent to find out the truth. Whatever that may be.

Sorry about the hassle but I do hope you enjoy the cruise.

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