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DAY 5; Roatan
Sunny day and an unplanned day again, and we had in our mind the same kind of day we had for Belize. This port was a walk off. First, off I think Mahogany Bay is pretty much a Carnival Cruise built area. Looking at it from our balcony was nice. It was very pretty. For beach lovers, I would recommend going early. We who did not know much waited until late morning. At this point were becoming very use to the “tourist trap” shopping areas at each port. This one was the most maintained. It just looked and felt good. Shops where some you have seen before, with a mix of local crafters. Prices were on par with Cozumel which was a little less than Belize.

“The Magical Flying Beach Chair”, okay it looks cool, we were game to take it until it said $12 per person for all day pass. I had read pre cruise it was $5. Well, let me put it to you like this; we got out of line and walked to the beach and beat people just getting on there. A 6-8min ride vs a 3min normal walk. Yes, the beach was right there. Now if it were $5 we would have done just to get the arial view, $24 was right out. We did not plan of going back and forth much.

The beach, white sand and PACKED, there were 2 Carnival ships docked. Again we went later, so the scores upon scores of beach chairs were in use. Most of the beach line was also used. We found a spot close to the water edge, we laid our Carnival towels down and that is were we stayed. My wife laid out, and I went into the water. It was warm and clear, mild waves and just oh so nice. We didn’t go to the beach bars and what not there. You could rent manpowered watercraft and go out on the inlet. We planned to, but it was a very popular option and again there were a lot of people. So sun, beach and water for us and had a blast. After we were done we left and shopped a little and walked back to the ship. A fun beach day without any planning.

Dinner and another musical show what on tap for the night. The music revues did not equal the magic show.

Thoughts of Day 5;
If you notice I am writing less about the ship at this point. Getting around was second nature, all the hidden food areas found, the ship routine was known. This was achieved by the end of the Belize day with the location of the Fish and Chips station heh. For this day again a low stress, low cost beach day without excursion. You could rent cabanas and certain packages at the beach through Carnival, but not sure about the true value in that. Just another good day.
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