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Jason Leppert
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And now for the adult-only dining options Ė Palo and Remy. The restaurant service onboard is already superb, but these specialty restaurants kick it up a notch. We enjoyed the Italian Palo for one of the sea-day brunches they offer there. The private party dining room is reconfigured to offer a buffet of appetizers, seafood, pastries, and dessert.

The entrees are cooked a la minute per your choice of the displayed dishes including traditional choices such as Chicken Parmesan as well as pizzas. The chilled shellfish, including crab claws and scallops, was a very nice addition to the buffet, and the entree egg dishes and pizzas were most tasty.

The real culinary gem onboard is Remy. Yes, it is expensive with a $75 surcharge, but it is indeed worth the cost. This is my 46th cruise sailing, and Remy was the best onboard dining option Iíve ever experienced. Itís a long affair at three hours, but the relaxed pace does not drag on. And to be sure, you are rewarded with delicious culinary treats.

I chose one of the preselected tasting menus and was very pleased with the dishes I consumed. Even prior to the courses, you are offered a lovely champagne cocktail and a selection of breads including a delicious truffle brioche.

My pan-seared Saint-Jacques scallop appetizer was delectable as was the following Grosse Crevette shrimp course. Cabillaud Girolles was a lovely filet of cod served in a bowl of warm cream, mushrooms, and beans. The main steak course of medium-rare Boeuf de Wagyu was rich and tender. And the final Paris-Brest hazelnut dessert was light and refreshing. Every plate was composed brilliantly and made quite the visual statement. Remy is worth every penny.

Tata for now...

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