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Jason Leppert
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Last night, The Avengers took over the ship as the brand new film premiered onboard at midnight along with the eastern seaboard of the U.S. People began lining up outside the Walt Disney Theatre more than an hour ahead of time in a scene reminiscent of Comic-Con. The crowd was a lot of fun, cheering and clapping at the grand moments during the film. I havenít had that much fun in a movie theatre for some time. It was a great movie on a great ship during a great cruise.

Iíll finish off this virtual cruise of the Disney Fantasy with some images from Castaway Cay, Disneyís private island destination. In many ways, this port itself is worth the cost of the cruise. The ease of docking and not having to tender in and the peaceful adult-only areas are sublime. The theming is in typical Disney fashion, and the activity and food service stations are very well kept and operated.

This cruise has been a blast, and I canít wait to return to the Disney Cruise Line. Stay tuned for my full report coming soon...
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