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I'm not expecting someting for nothing, hell I've been on this planet for over 65 years.

What I am sayng is that when I last cruised in 09, Verizon did not charge roaming charges for the Caribbean. Of course calls themselves were expensive unless one restricted themselves to I believe it was in port at St Thomas and San Juan at both points the calls themselves being reasonably priced.

When I purchased me new phone I knew I had to set up a package before I sailed so several weeks before the Epic voyage, I called Verizon and specifically asked for the "Caribbean Package" because I wouldn't have to pay astronomical roaming charges. The rep, a female, said, "Fine!" Turns out though that there is no such thing anymore as a "Caribbean Package" that includes no roaming fees.

That is my complaint, not the cost of the phone calls. As I pointed out in my original post, even the rep I recently talked to thought it reprehensible that she didn't tell me such a package was no longer available when she originally spoke with me.
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