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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
Moiraine, Mike, etc.,

I of course turned my phone off when we were at sea. But in (actually it was '08) I was told there would be no roaming charges if I took the "Caribbean" option for lack of a better term. I made calls from St. Thomas and San Juan with one exception, one "thrill " call from the theater of the ship when it was at sea. That one cost me three dollars. The other calls totaled me about $9.00. I left the phone on only because I forgot to turn it off but I didn't get any astronomical bill.

This time I told the rep (No Mike, I didn't get her name) about my previous experience and that is why I wanted the, for lack of a better term, the "Caribbean option." At no time did she state that was no longer available.

I'll of course pay the bill immediately and I am well aware that I'll probably receive no redress (other than the 25% discount I've already been issued) but you can take this to the bank. I shall be contacting Verizon (and I don't mean standard customer service) as I know how to get through to Corporate). Believe this or not, my intention won't be to get my money back but to rather prevent this from happening to some other unsuspecting individual. Even the rep last night, a young Black guy, said it was reprehensible (his word this time, not mine) that this wasn't explained to me inasmuch as the rep knew of my previous experience and expectations.
I dont mean no disrespect and I am not trying to start anything. But I am just curious as to why you stated what the young mans race was that you talked to?I was thinking I probaly shouldnt even ask but Iam just curious Have a good day and take care
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