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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
Three years ago (and the two cruises before that) I took out the Caribbean package with Verizon as the costs were far less expensive from certain locations, such as St. Thomas.

Even this trip, folks told me I wouldn't need a package for American Territory such as St. Thomas with Verizon simply because it was American territory. Nonetheless I got the package added.

Package? There is no package. The guy last night told me they dropped it! I received bills for roaming charges from St. Thomas totalling just under $500 FOR THE LAST TWO MONTHS and Hell, we were only there ONE DAY!

There is no longer such a thing as a Caribbean package with Verizon (at least not one that involves St. Thomas) anymore. Of course when I asked for it to be added, they conveniently forgot to tell me there wasn't such a package anymore! All they said was, "Yes sir, Mr. De Haven, we've added the Caribbean package."

I understand things change, but just from what I've overheard (literally) from cruisers just as recently a prior t our cruise In March about St. Thomas and other US territories is, "It's cheap!" Well kids, there are a whole lot of people waking up around this country that have found such is definitely not the case! The rep told me I should have been informed. Yeah, I agree WITH THAT! Trouble is, I wasn't.

Everyone in my family is a Verizon user (including the two members who travel the globe not to mention their employees). I think we're going to have a family confab over this one. That five hundred bucks hopefully may have ended up costing them thousands a month. The possibility of such a change just breaks my heart...ya' know?
I also have verizon....but I also have 2 young sons who were not with me so I called them a few times from my phone prepared to deal with the consequences. Here is something really stupid I did though, one of my favorite shows had its season finale while we were gone so I decided to surf around on my phone to see what happened. My bill showed up two weeks ago, thankfully I was sitting when I opened it

I believe next phone will be staying in my car in the parking garage.
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