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Originally Posted by tison1200 View Post

We have two of the same stops as the cruise that we cancelled. Grand Turk and St Thomas. Our other two stops are Nassau and San Juan.
St Thomas...It is very overcrowded but it is one of the best Islands for shopping...There are some nice tours to go on.
Just a note : The cruise line will probaly give you a list of shops they recommend, that doesnt mean you can't shop in stors they don't recommend. The first time we went to St Thomas, we did the shop walk and found a store not on the list called "Trident Jewelery" I bought a beautiful gold chain their..Back in 1998 at a price of $375.00...a few years later I had it apprasied state side , and the appraiser said it was one of the most beautiful chains he ever saw for the price i paid...he valued it at $1000.

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