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One change is that you can actually use the shower nozzle in the tub on Riviera without it getting the entire bathroom wet. On Marina they (and Riviera) they have both a shower and tub in thE bathroom, and the tub also has a wand, but you can't use the wand very well because there is no shower curtain over the tub.

On Riviera they have added a piece of glass - supposedly to make it possible to use the shower wand, but it is only about a foot wide - not really much help - or maybe I just don't undestand shower wands (anything is possible).

The truth is that I do not have much about the ship yet to say except that I am onboard - I flew from Phoenix to Chicago, on to Munich, and then on to Nice where we waited 40 minutes for someone whose luggage as lost and then we had to drive to Monte Carlo - I only got onboard about 4:00 pm.

I settled in for a nap - only to hear we had a lifeboat drill at 5:00 - (boo, but new CLIA rules!) So, I barely got any sleep last night or today. We were also scheduled for dinner on the Polo Grill after a 6:00 cocktail party.

I just got home from that dinner. as I write this, so, I am exhausted to the max, but filled with wonderful food.

I had the steamed, whole Maine lobster for dinner in thhe Polo Grill. I just want to say this..

I took a 12-day cruise to New England Canada on Seabourn just so I could eat a truly fresh Maine Lobser - and I never got one onboard. They went ashore in Bar harbor and picked up and brought aboard 450 lobsters (same as the passenber load) on that Seabourn cruise - but they NEVER ANNOUNCED the dinner plans to serve them to the general passenger contigen (meaning me) - not even putting it in the daily schedule.

So, I missed that fresh lobster - after fying 4000 miles and paying airfare. When I complained to passenger services onboard I never got a makeup dinner, or even an apology. They barely admitted they had not done a good job in telling people the fresh lobster was onboard. When I pointed out it was not mentioned in the daily schedule, etc, the cruise director said "well, II guess, we could have done a better job of getting the information out." Fie!!!!!!

Well, I just had a FANTASTIC FRESH STEAMED MAINE LOBSTER - here on Oceania, in Europe and it was perfect. Too band for you Seabourn, yes, I still hold it against you that I took a 12-day cruise on Odyssey specifIcally to experience Maine and the lobster and I never got one, or an apology.

And this really explains why Oceania is such a hit with cruisers - because they deliver the goods - and you don't have to be in the right place at the right time (by pure luck) or else miss it completely, their excellent cuisine is part of the package here on Oceania.

This ship (Riviera) so far seems just as lovely as Marina (not a big difference yet as far as I can tell, and that is OK) when you have something close to perfection why toy with it?

It is now 10:00 and I am just exhausted. It feels like on long day that lasted 36 hours - and I was awake for most of it, but in reality I lost a day in crossing the Atlantic. So, I need to get a good night's rest and try to be normal tomorrow. Hopefully I will have more to report.

I am in a concierge stateroom, deck 9 forward, with the concierge lounge nearby. The rooms come with a laptop and wireless Intermet acccess, so you don't have to bring a laptop if you don't want to... that is handy.

If you have not yet heard me say this - 2012 is a FANTASTIC YEAR to sail to the Mediterranean, especially on top quality ships like Oceania Marina and Riviera. There are tons of bargains out there - so book early AND GET THE BEST POSSIBLE DEALS - while they last!
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