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Sorry Marc... maybe I was feeling a bit "tired and emotional" from lack of sleep. I just can't seem to get the other experience off my mind.

Unfortunatey, I didn't have much else to report from last night as I got to the ship and did not have time for anything else but dinner and bed.

Today we are docked in Marseilles - I had a very fitful night of sleep because my internal clock is all off - but I hope to be able to say more soon. I just woke up as of now.

But by the way, the food really is that good here AND it is because it has been overseen by the same person who is ultimately responsible for the food on your Regent Seven Seas - Frank Del Rio - president of Prestige Cruises LTD, the parent company for both Oceania and Regent Seven Seas.

There is a story in the industry about Frank taking Regent in about 2007 - just after Apollo Management acquired control of both cruise lines (they had taken over Oceania first) and that Frank found teh food on Regent to be"surprisingly" less than stellar - so he had it revamped much in the style of Oceania. According to sources it has become much better in recent years.

Both of them use an outsourced shipboard catering company called Apollo, which means they use most of the same purveyors and training of staff in food prep, plating and service.

I don't know if you have tried Oceania lately, but I guessing you would see many similarities between them and Regent Seven Seas.
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