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Originally Posted by cherylroy View Post
Went on Carnival Dream and now I'm spoiled!!! Spoiled to the COVE balcony - spoiled to the new shows - and MOST DEFINITELY spoiled to the new Thalla spa and the private passes you have! Don't know what to do! I want to try the other two new ships -- but the prices are SO DARN HIGH and for the same islands going out of Galveston, I can go on a smaller ship out of New Orleans which is only an hr away. Sighhhhh then I almost threw my arms up and said - I'll go to Disney and saw they had a ship going to Orlando and Bahamas - with excurisions to Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios. Yep...smaller ship of course. Has anyone done these excursions to Disney from the ship? Is it worth the time? I'm torn..... any suggestions??????
I live in the area and of course been to those places. Except for you being able to say you've been there, I would not recommend the excursion. To see Disney properly would take at least 3 to 4 days! (and then you still wouldn't see it all) Universal is not a day trip either.
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