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So many great points made in this thread..cruising is not for everyone, people on the same cruise can have totally different experiences, etc. etc.

I would never not book a cruise, because of an opinion..There was a reason, I wanted to sail this ship,and I will, dag nabit Let me base my opinions, on my experiences, not someone elses. Couple of examples:I would not sail the Century again,and HAL only with my CM pals.

My friends were big HAL fans, I had sailed HAL before, for Cruisemates, but, was not my line of choice, but, we wanted to cruise w/ them. We sailed the Zuiderdam. We had terrible service in the DR. Years of good service stories went down the tubes. This ship, and, the Westerdam I sailed were so quiet at nigfht, I called them, the ghost ships...My friend who loved the line was very taken aback, with the service issues. The only way I would sail this line again, would be on a Cruisemate's cruise.

On the 2nd sailing on the Century, our table also had very bad much so, one couple from our CM group, never ate in the MDR again. The tables around us, had spot on service... so, unless someone is in the middle of a situation tainting their experience, it's hard to fault someone's opinion, unless perhaps that person, is a chronic complainer, then with a grain of salt.

We can listen, and sail happily along

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