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Originally Posted by flowers View Post
Just to break down the cost of the soda card, its $4.50 per day for children, and $6 per day for adults. Plus 15% tips automatically added when you buy it. Some feel that they don't get as good of service with the card, its up to you. Also, as far as "sharing" if you feel ok about sneaking someone else soda's on the card meant for one person.

The black jack and slot tournaments are a nice platinum perk right now (one free entry). I came "this close" last time to winning and got passed in the finals the last few seconds and came in 2nd. Just missed the $500. I have been in the finals only twice so far.
I feel perfectly fine with sharing or sneaking a 40.00 coke card. Especially when Carnival feels perfectly fine with some of their cut backs they have made. But to each his own.

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