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DAY 7 : Fun day at sea
So the day started out normal, but the added fact that our vacation was near the end made it a little sad. Next, it was not the best of days, very cloudy and windy, a little rain from time to time. We wandered the shops, looked at all of our photos by Carnival. We did not buy any, seemed pricey for digital stuff, and well we took pictures. The only plan we had tonight was going to the steakhouse for dinner. A relaxing day to say the least, and more than 1 nap happened.

The steakhouse, or Emerald Room. This was $30 extra per person. We dressed up in our finest and went to the top of the ship. It felt like a nice restaurant, French maitre'd greeting us and showing us to our table. Our waitress introduced and got our drink orders. We were told plan for 2-3hrs for total dinner time. It was not packed at all, maybe 8-10 couples out of 30-40 tables. It was quiet. Gaining some insights from out tablemates when knew this, order the cheesecake, you only get 1 entrée, get any and all the salads / appetizers you want.

Now, I love a good steakhouse, and this one was great. You hear about beef that melts in your mouth, well the 14oz NY strip did just that. I had table prepared caesar salad, my wife a standard garden, they brought out tastings from the chief. I got a soup and my wife got something else heh. My wife got a chicken dish, I wish I could remember what else we got. I loved it all, and ate all of mine and pretty much all of my wife’s. For health conscious eaters, not the best place. For us would and do indulge from time to time, wonderful. Great breads as well. Everything here just screamed and tasted better quality than the dinning room, and I loved the dinning room. The cheesecake was light and no joke about 8 inches tall. The best cheesecake I ever had, granted I took it back to my room because I was beyond stuffed. One question we had was do we tip, we tried to see if some people would finished left tips. They didn’t. When done we were given a bill to sign from off our sign and sail card. We didn’t tip, not because of service, which was great, but we saw the 18% added already. There was a musical review that night which was on par with the rest. Thus ended our full days at sea.

Thoughts of day;
The steakhouse was a great 1 time event for me. The food was incredible, but not the type my wife would eat so she smiled and enjoyed that I enjoyed. What she did eat she liked, but for the extra cost not really worth it. Second, in hindsight, I would not have picked our last dinner night to go here. We missed saying goodbye to our servers. We said goodbye to our tablemates and others around us the night before. It would have been a better end if we were there. With the weather not the best, a storm was hitting Miami, and it turned out followed home to VA it was an inside day. But seeking relaxation is was not bad.

Next will be disembarkation day, and a food review, then my review will be complete.
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