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We were kidding around with FDR about new ship. If you recall whn he announced the first new shio at the 2005 Seatrade he said something like :two is nice but greta packages come in threes" - so he hinted there would be a thrid Oceania ship...

But as well all know the option for he third ship was canceled, so when i jut asked he said :It is very likely he next new shio will be for Regent, but he didn;t have a tie frame.

Ship builds are very complicated agreements involving getting a shipyard with open time - negotiating the changes and any price, and then getting financing.

Hi didn't say, but I got the impression he would be looking at it much more seriously as soon as they get some visiility into 2013. If I were shipbuilder I would want to know where the eonomy is going, how Europe is doing, et. Look at the recent election in France - that coul affect the STX shipyard in Nantes a great deal, in either a good or a bad way for the cruise lines.

But I got the impression they would be making a decision early next year.
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