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Today we are in Barcelona - we arrived yesterday and had a free day here whie the shoreside pople assemble all the tages, etc, required for the christening ceremony.

That will happen today at about 3:00. The GodMother is lady iron chef Cat Cora.

Okay, I like th food netwok OK, I love Hell's Kitchen as show, but lately we have been changing our diets so i have nevr watched "Iron Chef." Therefore i had never heard of this woman. Hey, last week I was at a launching with Priscilla Prsley - that is more my speed, but anyway...

Cat Cora was picked because she is a woman (godmothers must be women), and she is the only woman Iron Chef - an honor bestowed by the Food Network.

Shecomes from a Greek Family - which is persect symbiosis for this cruise line which will be featuring the best cuisiine in Eyrope, espeiially along the Mediterranean . She graduated frm he CIA in New York (Culinary Inst, Of Am) in the 1990s and she has chefed at many New York restuarants. Today she is about to start a new sshow on Bravo Network.

The ceremony will kick off about 3:00 pm. We are moving off the ship to a hotel right after the ceremony where we will stay tonight and fly hme tomorrow.

The ship has been so much fun with a ton of great food and cameraderie. I ate at Red Ginger again last night but had different food.

I had the tempura vegetables, and the tempura sole - both delicious. But then everyone at the table went crazy on the desserts. - From an excellent pineapple/lemin sorbet to grean tea ice cream with a clear cane-sugar sauce. There was ginger cake, crem brulee, coconut tapioca, we went nuts.

The last Oceania ceremony was beautiful and inspiring with beautiful lady violinists placed throughout the crowd and people rapelling off the ship. Who knows what is in store for this celebration.

The last time I atttended christening in Barcelona (MSC Cruises) it went on until 1:00 am - and we had not yet eaten dinner. We started eating at 1:30 a.m. - most people had flights home the next day so they just stayed up. I went to bed.
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