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I have had 2 encounters with Celebrities. Not sure they count since they were not on cruises..

1. Alan Bean (Astronaut and Artist) - Fourth man to walk on the moon 1969. I met Mr. Bean because my family was friends with the family living next door to Mr. Bean. In a strange twist of fate, the man whom we were friends with (living next door to Alan) was a famous artist who painted me (Lajos Markos). Alan was learning some painting tips from Mr. Markos and I just happened to be over at the Markos home having dinner when Mr. Bean came over..I was at the Markos home on two occasions when Mr. Bean came over and got to speak with him. He is just a "regular" guy. He is VERY into his "space" paintings now. He's pretty good too..

2. Elizabeth Perkins (Actress and Costar in the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks). She played his "girlfriend." This was in 1990..My husband and I were at a Luau at the Grand Wailea in Maui and my husband spotted her 2 tables over. I did not believe him so I casually got up, walked right in front of her, looked her in the eyes and yep..It was her with a very large entourage. I started to ask her to take a pic with me but she was enjoying what appeared to be friends and family so much that I decided to give her a break from what she is usually bothered with on the mainland..Fans bugging her to death. I sucked up some class and walked back to our table with a smile and some poi..
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