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I certainly learned my lesson! But on the other hand, if I read enough negative experiences about a particular ship, cruise line or itinerary...that does impact our cruising choice. That's one of the reasons we regularly visit the CruiseMate boards...not just to get an overall view of what's current, trendy etc. in cruising, but most importantly, to read about other Cruisers experiences, positive or negative. Where else would you have access to such a wide variety of cruising experience?! If there is ONE negative comment about a cruiseline of course we take that with a 'grain of salt'...but if there are several or many of the same type of comments...then that puts us on alert notice. We can still make the choice to go on that cruise or ship etc..but we've been warned. But now when giving an opinion about a cruiseline or ship, I now usually preface it with, "This was our experience on...'such and such' ship". It's safer
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