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Hi Kids,
Looks like another nice day here,perfect for all the Moms. Yesterday after the graduation, Bruce and I went over to Olive Garden,and omg it was packed,guess the economy is getting better They offer you a taste of wine,and boy what I had was delish. Later, I asked it if was made for them, she said yes, but I could buy a bottle. Never heard of that, but, the bloody bottle was $37.00 !!!! More then on a ship for pretty much the same! Cailtyn celebrated with her Mom's side yesterday,and when she comes back from Bermuda, we will have a big party.

Here today, will be quiet..make a ham, sauted brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes,and this easy garlic italian bunt pan, roll recipe.

Luanne, in the hearts of so many, we will be taking you in, & sending you a xoxo.....

Hug a Mom today, if you are lucky enough...

Trip, with her book & tea!
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