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Default How about turkey legs on the the cruise ship fast food menu?

I was thinking that maybe the cruise ships need some inspiration for their fastfoods. I always wonder why they do not offer turkey legs. The Disney Corporation has made a mint from these poultry appendages. The hot wings on the NCL ships beat out turkey legs and they are better I think than Buffalo wings from Buffalo. The ships seem to be stuck on the staples hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza and doughnuts. Cruisers might like trying deep fried twinkies instead of doughnuts and the fried twinkies could be made in the doughnut deep fryers. Of course this opens up a multitude of deep fryer productions like fried butter, fried candy bars, fried cheese and the bananarito which is a tortilla wrapped deep fried banana smothered in whipped cream, cinamon, chocolate sauce, and honey. Instead of the drink ticket the ships could offer fried Coca Cola. They might think about adding as a desert entry - Akutaq aka Alaskan Eskimo ice cream - whipped animal fat, berries, sugar, and boiled fish.
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