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I just read a news update that says Carnival offered to fly him to the cruise at the next port of call but he turned them down.

I'm sorry, but this was a really bad error in judgement by Carnival - I mean if the doctor planned to do such a thing he certainly would not tweet it under a twitter account that says "shite Jack Kruse says"

And the actual doctor would have been insane to really tweet about it anyway. So the whole thing makes no sense.

I am guessing that whoever did it never thought anyone would be stupid enough to believe those tweets came from Jack Kruse, because now they will face lawsuits for impersonating him and causing damage to his professional reputation.

But Carnival - all I can say is that it appears you are taking Twitter far too seriously these days.

The other place I know of that takes Twitter really seriously is CNN television - and they are now the last-place television news network, even MSNBC is higher and FoxNews (for whom I write) is number one with an audience roughly four times larger than CNN.

Sometimes I wonder if the decision makers at companies really have a clue about things like audience reach - and credentials of real people vs. the kind of people who have the time to waste on things like Twitter day in and out. Where's the perspective here?
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