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Talking Whale watch boats

Originally Posted by Donna View Post
Also, keep in mind for travel time, once you get to where the whale watching boats are, its another little boat ride out to where the whales are...I've only gone with Capt. Larry and also saw the boats that the cruiseline's use...It is much nicer on the smaller, less crowded boats than with 100 others, IMHO.

Hopefully, you will see some whales and get some goot shots..
. You see, there is the difference.

IMAO, it is much more comfortable during that ride out to the whale sightings to be in a big comfortable enclosed boat, looking out the big glass windows, listening to the on board naturalist, visiting the snack bar, and oh, yes, using the flush toilets. Bouncing over the waves in a small boat is not my idea of comfortable.

We all see the same whales -- it really does not concern me whether 10 or 100 other people are looking at them with me.

Fortunately this is one of those instances when you can choose which you prefer. Enjoy your trip with Capt Larry. As I sail by on Allen Marine, I will feel sorry for you and you can feel sorry for me

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